Post Surgical Instructions


  • Go directly home following the surgical procedure.
  • There will be some swelling, and it may last as long as a week. In order to keep the swelling to a minimum, apply an ice pack for 20 minutes on the area, 20 minutes off the area for the first 2-3 days. We have provided a few disposable ice packs for your initial use until the numbness is gone.  *If you run a fever, CALL OUR OFFICE.
  • On the evening of the surgery, sleep with your head elevated using two pillows.
  • There may be some oozing of blood from the surgical site for several hours following the procedure. This is normal and is no cause for alarm. If the bleeding persists or gets worse, CALL OUR OFFICE.
  • Do not lift your lip to examine the stitches, as this action may cause tearing requiring a longer healing period.
  • Careful tooth brushing is desirable and promotes healing, but the bristles should not contact the surgical area. Brush only the teeth and make every effort to avoid the surgical area. 
  • Eat soft, nourishing foods for 1-3 days, such as:
    1. Liquid protein supplements
    2. Milk shakes
    3. Eggs, or
    4. Ground beef

                *Avoid smoking for a week and hot liquids for the first day as they will prevent healing.


  • You may begin rinsing on the day after your surgery. You can use:
  • Mild Mouthwash or
  • Peridex solution
  •                 Your doctor will inform you which product to use.
  • Take medication as prescribed.
  • Take three (3) Advil every 6 hours. (If applicable)